Staff Directory

Main Office Staff

Kristie Morin Principal  [email protected]
Shannon Bartash Asst. Principal  [email protected]
Renee Bernard SRO Officer  [email protected] 
Stephanie Doughty Administrative Secretary [email protected] 
Deardra Laudieri Secretary [email protected]
Kymberly Roberge Nurse  [email protected] 


Maggie Bouthot 
Kathy Gleason   [email protected]
Michelle Wilkins
  [email protected]


Roxanne Auclair
Kim Doring   [email protected]
Nicole Boulet 
Deb Furrow 
Mandy Pinard   [email protected]

Grade 1

Megan Peacock
  mpeacoc[email protected]
Bridget Morse   [email protected]
Krystal Livermore   [email protected]
Sara Lamb   [email protected]
Bethany Custeau   [email protected]
Amanda McDonough   [email protected]

Grade 2

Chris Cormier   [email protected] 
Linda LaCasse   [email protected]
Phyllis St. Pierre   [email protected] 
Aliza Welch   [email protected]   Supply List
Nikki Wadlington   [email protected]

Grade 3
     3rd Grade Website

Sherri Morrow             

[email protected]
Emily Harmon

[email protected]
Cassandra Lewis
  [email protected]
Angel Tibbetts   [email protected]
Margaret Dickinson
  [email protected]

Grade 4

Emily Carlson   [email protected] 
April Lemmings 
Kaili Quinn 
Acadia LeSiege
  [email protected]

Grade 5

Megan Forbes   [email protected]
Ellen Stanclift   [email protected]
Erika Mackin
  [email protected]
Kristen Hunter   [email protected]
Rhonda Fitzmaurice
  [email protected]

Special Education

Sherri-Ann Lavalle   [email protected]
Julia Gibson
[email protected]
Kamis Ley
Ana Petroulis 
Charlotte Swanson   [email protected]


Laurie Cincotta Technology  [email protected]   Website 
Pauline McCarthy Technology [email protected]  
Natasha Proctor Gifted and Talented  [email protected]   
Matt Watras Music  [email protected]   
Jo Biscoe Art  [email protected]   
Natasha Shacklett
Art [email protected]
Andrew Michel PE  [email protected]   
Randy Ridley PE  [email protected]   
Donna Rimiller Library   

Guidance/OT/Title One

Seth Beal Occupational Therapist [email protected] 
Emily Croft Occupational Therapist
[email protected]
Heather Valliere Speech 
Nicole Mossman
 [email protected]
Katy DeBlois Speech [email protected]
Jean Dolan Guidance  [email protected] 
Annika King Guidance/Trauma and Resiliency Counselor [email protected]
Hanna Jordan Guidance/Trauma and Resiliency Counselor
[email protected]
Samantha Marini Social Worker  [email protected] 
Lori Cloutier Title 1 Math  [email protected] 
Terry Roy Title 1 Math  [email protected]
Tara Robertson
Literacy Specialist [email protected]
Hilary Kuhl Title 1 Reading
[email protected]
Danyelle Turgeon
RTI: Behavior and PBIS coach [email protected]

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